NO.CertificationCertification ListCertification Institution
1Plant Registration Certification Form
Korea IndustryCertification Register
2ISO 9001KS Q ISO 9001:2015Korea IndustryCertification Register
3ISO 14001KS I ISO 14001:2015KHNP
5Certificate of Small and Medium EnterpriseMedium-EnterpriseKHNP
6Certificate of RegistrationE214KHNP
7Certificate of RegistrationE215KHNP
8Certificate of RegistrationE204KHNP
9Certificate of Registration241(A)KHNP
10Certificate of RegistrationEE103KHNP
11Certificate of RegistrationEBT01Korea Radioactive Waste Agency
12Certificate of RegistrationEUP01Korea Radioactive Waste Agency
13Certificate of Registration202(A)Korea South, East-West, Midland,
Western, South-East Power CO.,LTD
14Certificate of RegistrationE217Korea South, East-West, Midland,
Western, South-East Power CO.,LTD
15Certificate of RegistrationE233Ministry of SMEs and Startups
16Certificate of RegistrationBATTERY CHARGER & UPSMinistry of SMEs and Startups
17Certificate of RegistrationUE214 / SG00862Ministry of SMEs and Startups
18Certificate of RegistrationTransformerPublic Procurement Service
19Certificate of Product-specific Approved Exporter
Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
20Certificate of Main-Biz
Ministry of SMEs and Startups
21Certificate of Inno-Biz
22Certificate of Designation for an Excellent Company
23Certificate of Designation for an Excellent Company
Head of Chungju District Tax Office
24Certificate of Business Registration

25Certificate of ApprovalTransformerSeoul Regional Customs


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